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Hotel leisure clubs and spas attract a wide range of visitors and members. They may be visiting a hotel for business purposes, or using the leisure club or spa to relax and unwind. Regardless of their reason for visiting, the importance of their comfort is always constant. At Craftsman Lockers, the work we do is aimed at providing our clients with hotel lockers and spa lockers that reflect the quality of your establishment and ensure your guests have the perfect facilities for their stay.

Manufactured from the finest raw materials, our lockers include innovative security features that are designed to keep your customers’ belongings as safe as possible while they use your facilities. The comfort and security of changing rooms plays a major part in retaining existing and attracting new members, so it is important that quality and thought go hand in hand with their creation.

Spa Changing Room & Treatment Room Furniture

Whilst relaxing in a spa, the last thing people will want to do is worry about whether or not their belongings have been left in a safe place. At Craftsman Lockers, we are committed to ensuring that these worries are eliminated and that visitors to your spa can be sure that their items are as safe as possible. In addition to this, we provide bespoke ancillary furniture, created from the finest materials and designed to meet your exact specifications. This includes vanity units, benches and upholstered seating, locker room cubicles, changing and shower cubicles and treatment room furniture. Making quality and durable lockers and ancillary furniture does not mean that the style has to be compromised. All of our changing room furniture is designed by experts in the sector, using a combination of expertise and creativity in line with your specifications to ensure a quality installation. Take a look at our spa and treatment room furniture.

Having quality lockers and furniture in your spa or hotel is a key part of improving the look and feel of your business, as well as attracting new members and retaining current ones. To capitalise on our experience in designing spa changing and treatment rooms, please get in touch with Craftsman Lockers today.

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  • General Manager Anthony Woodhouse
    We sourced Craftsman at Leisure Industry Week and could clearly see the quality. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the company and would certainly recommend them.
    General Manager Anthony Woodhouse
    Ramside Hall Hotel, Golf and Spa

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